The final countdown has begun! Today begins the last ten days of our Kickstarter campaign. So far we have raised $2137 of our $3000 goal. We have 31 backers and all of them seemed to have pledged a different amount. Some have donated ten bucks while other have pledged 100 plus. We are very grateful to those who have donated so far. The problem is that if we cant reach $3000 then we don't receive any of the money meaning we can't make SMALL timers and all of this work will have been for nothing. We believe that we have a good idea that will make people laugh and give you all something to look forward to every week. We would love to have the chance to show our idea to you and others like you, but if we don't reach our goal, then we can't. We need everyone to be on board and to contribute to the project. We would love for you to be a part of the series as well. This is a chance for you to help us out at the simplest level but one of the most important. Donate today and help make sure SMALL timers happens!