We did it!

Over at Kickstarter.com we managed to raise $3050 in about 58 days. This is great news because not only does it mean there are people out there who care about the series, but also that we can now make the series. With this money we have everything we need to make SMALL timers in all of its glory with loud things, flashes, and a laugh track. On a side note, we would never include flashes, loud things, or any type of laugh track in the series.
Some of you may be asking, "what's next?" Well, next we have to start assembling the actors and actresses, gathering all the props and costumes, finding and securing all of the locations, and most importantly, start shooting. All of this will take place in the next month and a half. It is a bit of a crunch but we are going for a very natural and realistic feel which means the amount of fabrication and staging will be minimum. We are planning to use our surroundings as our sets and style. This means the series will be shaped by what is in the real world and will hopefully feel very real and natural. With this being said, there will have to be parts that have staging and alterations to make them work better for the situation and scene. We know that this will not always be easy, but we also know that this part will be really fun.
I can assure everyone that there is not a single person already a part of the series that is not overly excited that we raised the money needed and that we will be able to make the series. The crew we have assembled has already committed to putting blood, sweat, and tears into making sure the episodes come together and represent the story we are trying to tell. The crew has no reservations about doing whatever is necessary to make sure the production turns out great.
Lastly, both Chris and myself would like to express our sincere gratitude towards all of those who helped to get us this far. This includes but is not limited to the backers on Kickstarter, the fans on Facebook, those of you reading this post, and anyone who simply passed the call for donations on to the people they know. We literally could not have made it this far without all of your support.
As a special bonus for reading this post, we are including a preview of the SMALL timers poster that will be given to those backers who pledged $50 or more. This poster might also be available for sale later. We will probably design a new one for that purpose however.
Remember that this is just a preview at half the quality and a third the size. This preview will be taken down in one week as well so don't get too attached.
Thanks again and we hope you stay in touch. We will be posting updates here and on Kickstarter. Any video updates will be here however. Thanks. -Pat