Hello everyone. I am writing today to inform you all that we are in the process of getting our rewards for our backers organized and made. We have sent out the poster design to be proofed so that we can check the colors and the overall quality. According to the printer, the posters are on there way back to us at which point we will proof them and either print the run or go to our backup printer. In terms of t-shirts, we have also sent the design to the screen printer and they are in the process of being made. As I have said before, if there is anyone who would like a t-shirt and who is not getting one as a backer, let us know and we will work something out. The last physical reward we still need to make and send out to get printed is the cast photo. We are still trying to decide if this photo will include everyone or just the three guys. What would you like to see?
As for the bigger picture, the last main character showed up in town last night so we will be meeting with everyone and getting everything in place in the next month. Not a lot of news to talk about at this point but come next week there will be tons.