Will We Make It??

Currently we are working on re-shoots and pickup shots that we didn't get during principal photography. We have about a week to make sure we have everything that we need to make the series before our cast goes back to school. I guess the question to ask now is will we make our deadline and finish shooting everything we need?!
In other news we are starting to sync up our audio with our video clips and are going to get started editing the episodes in about a week. Once we know we have everything filmed and we feel good about everything we have then we will sit down and make the magic happen. This means that the editing process will be intense if we are to keep our deadline for when we want to start releasing the episodes. I think we can do it though.
Lastly I wanted to inform you all that starting this week we are going to start releasing photos and video from the production process. The photos will always be open to anyone while the video will be restricted to backers for the most part. If you want to see the videos and are not a backer you can still donate $10 to our Kickstarter campaign and get access. Any money we raise now will go towards advertising and the production of swag!
Wish us luck. Today we will finish shooting all of Angie's/ Katie's stuff!!