Oh, yeah...

Hello all! you must have thought we forgot about you or something. Well I am here to inform you that we have not forgotten about you and your needs. I come bringing SMALL timers news.
First off, we must inform you of the editing process. Lately we have been assembling episodes one and two. One has has undergone a number of cuts and drafts and we feel relatively happy with the product. We still have shots that need to be added to make the whole thing flow better but overall it looks good. Two is still being constructed with about half of the episode left to assemble and revise.
We have noticed that sound will be crucial for certain scenes and are currently planning out what exactly we need to sell everything in the story. The sound will probably be the hardest part of the episode.
In other news, we have a few people working on music for the series and the stuff we have heard thus far is sounding pretty good. We also have been sending out updates to all those following our Kickstarter page or our Facebook fan group. The next round of photos will come out on Wednesday.
One thing to remember is that Wednesdays will be the day of the week when we officially release the episodes. For those of you who are backers you will get access earlier than that.
Lastly, we will soon be selling SMALL timers t-shirts online for you to get your very own. The money will be handled through PayPal and we will process your orders ASAP once payment has been received. Check back here or watch our Facebook page for information on when that service will be available.
Well that just about does it for all of my exciting news. As always, stay tuned for more to come.