Progressing as we progress...

Well I thought that those of you who have been wondering where those SMALL timers episodes we promised you are, should be informed that they are coming. We promise you that you WILL see all ten episodes. We have currently been working long and hard on preparing the episodes but it has taken us longer than we expected. Chris Sasich and myself have been sorting through all the footage we compiled and have been piecing the episodes together frame by frame and clip by clip. It has not been the easiest thing to do but we have been making our way towards having all ten episodes complete. We don't want to release the episodes prematurely and we don't want to start releasing them with only half done. We want to make sure they all work together to tell the wonderful story Chris Sasich has written. We are being picky and this has resulted in a slower process than we had originally thought. We also have decided that we will have to score the episodes ourselves which adds another step to the process. We Are getting there though and we expect to be ready to release them soon. We promise that you will not be disappointed!
Thanks you the continued support and the anticipation you have all been holding on to over the last five months!
Pat T.